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My decision to become a nurse was not an easy decision and even to this day I view it as not an easy decision. One thing that I now realize was a factor is that when I was growing up my heart was being molded to have the desire to help people. I believe this started because growing up my brother was special needs. Right after I was born, my brother Josh was diagnosed with  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; a disease which affects the dystrophin in a person’s muscle. When we were younger he appeared in my eyes as being normal and as if nothing was wrong with him. As we got older, I slowly began to see the differences between us when we were looking for area rugs in Keizer.

This one moment when I was in middle school made me truly realized how different we are. He fell while trying to stand up from his chair at our kitchen table and due to the factor that his bones are brittle, it caused him to break his ankle. He was never able to fully recover from this break which caused him to lose his ability to walk. When your older brother goes from being able to walk to having to move around in a wheelchair it changes the way you see him. My view of him changed because at that moment I realized that he would no longer have a normal life where no one would stare at him as they walked by. It truly hurts my heart even to this day when people stare when they see him. After this event, I became very protected of him and as time goes on I become even more protective.

I remember that in high school when I would introduce people to my brother I would carefully choose because I know how cruel people can be and I wanted to protect him from the judgment. This event also changed my heart and began my desire to help people and it also made me a less judgmental person. Throughout high school, it when my desire bloomed and made my path clear that I should study to become a nurse. This desire in my heart became one of the main driving forces that led me to have the guts to go through majoring in nursing. Once I graduate in three years, I hope to become a labor and delivery nurse.

My hope in this is to be able to witness the joy that having a baby brings into the lives of the families which the child is born into. I truly believe that having an older brother with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy has helped paved my path for me to become a nurse. He not only helped transform my heart to become one that is filled with a desire to help people, but he has also created in me a heart that cares for people so easily and judges no one. I believe that without my brother I would not be the person I am today, because he has helped shaped every part of the type of person I have become and will continue to become.

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